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Hi my name is Mertie Nelke I am going to show you how to get WhatsApp on your Personal computer. I can’t not take credit for this guide. I got the guide about whatsapp on pc  from this very cool website. But I will explain the process here to you. Some people can’t figure it out but go through the steps with my step by step.  Sorry my English is not so good. if you want to know more about WhatsApp on PC use this link. If you cant get WhatsApp working on a PC using their guides you cant read. just kidding  will teach you simple tips to install and use whatsapp on your desktop computer easy and quick. Many people are used to whatsapp located on the mobile phone, just some know u may well also have it in use on your desktop.

We intend to enable you to precise to achieve this. Another possibility is video material in order to it all the more simple.Any time you don’t have the wherewithal to use whatsapp on your own phone, or maybe just want it for apple, here site you want.

First you must download an android program emulator on your personal computer – here is the link to how to download whatsapp messenger for your computer. This need to be done you decide to download the Whatsapp on PC application. We start to use this program to employ Whatsapp, because this program acts just like it is your mobile phone. The program is actually an android emulator. This means that at emulates or simulates the process of a android mobile phone. When you have finished download whatsapp. Then you need to install whatsapp onto your PC and then activate it. Here is the link on how to install and verify your install

You can download a very cool android emulator to get WhatsApp on PC working from this link here.

Now you must install the emulator. When this is finished you can then use the onscreen browser and search for whatsapp. Look at this following video. At about 1 minute. They show you how to download whatsapp on the computer when blue stacks is running.

So when you are using  Bluestacks. type  on to the search line and type in Whatsapp and download it. It will now appear among the other apps that happen to be preinstalled.

I just want to clarify something. this is not just for people with a dektop computer this also works for people with windows laptop computers. How you can setup Whatsapp on your laptop. After the Whatsapp application is installed and then you can run it. it will ask you for a few personal details but nothing much. it is your name and phone number.

You need to complete the details on screen and you need to enter a phone number that is in your mobile phone. This website says you can use a additional sim card, only of you are not going to use your main phone for WhatsApp on your Computer . Now when you have entered the phone number it will verify your account. You can select on your own if you want a text message or a “Call” The call verification works best for me.  An automatic call is enabled to your phone number. A voice will repeat a 3 digit number it will be the same number if you selected text message. Fill in this particular 3 diget number to activate your WhatsApp on PC.

Now basically WhatsApp on your computer I working, you only now need to  add your nick name. this is for iPhone users. That is very cool You now can use WhatsApp Messenger on your Computer. if you want whatsapp ipod touch guide check out the highlighted link

Here is a video on adding contacts into your WhatsApp Application.

Thanks to on providing this guide.


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